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So you've struggled to build a webpage. Now you wanna know if your website is good. Here's a quality-check!! It's simple. Addicted2jesus has decided to bookmark the best Christian sites on the world-wide-web and award them an award for their quality. As I've always stressed, your site need not be a million page proclamation of Christ with a trillion links and pictures. Even a one page site glorifying Jesus is enough. If your site is truly great, then you'll get the 'addicted2jesus cool christian site GOLD award'. Otherwise it will get the 'addicted2jesus cool christian site award'. (no GOLD!!) 

I won't go into ecstasies of details, but putting it briefly only straightforward Christian sites that glorify Christ will be considered.  The decision is mine (with a lotta prayer before I choose a site). Please use the form below to register your site. 

Considering the fact that I am quite busy at college and a lot of sites regularly register and the fact that I will personally review the whole site before I choose it, it may be 2-3 weeks before you get an intimation about the award. Please be patient. If it has been more that 3 weeks since you registered and haven't heard from me, email me and let me know!!



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