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Last week, I was feeling down when my mobile phone beeped. '1 message received' it said. It was my friend 150 kilometers away, with a simple message 'Encouraged by Ps 139: 17, 18' . I was touched. Since then he sends me one every now and then...  all of them when I need it the most!

I want to share the same joy with other people all over the world. Its a simple idea but I am sure that many will be encouraged by it.

If you can receive SMS/text messages in your mobile phone, use it to receive encouraging verses and thoughts twice a week!
Sounds good? Well you can try it and i am sure you will enjoy it!!

Unfortunately SMSing is not free but if you support us, this service will  continue to be free. If you would like to help subsidize this cost (wont cost you anything!) let me know by posting in the comments below.


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