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Looking to buy the coolest and cheapest Christian stuff? We offer a wide range of T-shirts, CDs, Cassettes, Books, gift items, posters and more for you.

The addicted2jesus store offers the following products-

The addicted2jesus apparel shop: Cool, exciting, meaningful T-shirts in association with! You'll never find more exciting Christian T-shirts anywhere else. Just click on the design to see the T-shirt menu and order....

The addicted2jesus gift shop: Everything from mugs to mousepads to keychains to magnets and more... with exciting designs that I've made! Click on the design you like and see what all you can order! This is in association with webshots.

PS: the apparel and gift shop are in association with zazzle and webshots. While we can assure you they are good, we are not responsible for the products you order through them. But don't worry...


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