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Do you wanna add some quality Christian content to your site and at the same time advertise your site all over the wwworld?!


Can you see the text ad on top. All you need is put a box like that on your website. Every time someone comes to your website they will see a different high-quality christian website advertised. If they want to they can click on it (links will open in a new window). Also your site will be advertised in other webpages!

You're in a win-win situation... you add quality content to your website without losing visitors from it and your site gets advertised as well.

This is not a text link exchange. Your site gets advertised even if you have very little visitors to it. All sites get equally advertised irrespective of how many visitors they get to their site.

To get started please join and let us know your website details. Then insert the html code anywhere in your website. Once your site is approved, your ad will be shown!




Before you join up you must cut and place this html code in you website in a place that is easily visible to everyone.




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